Sunday Club Competitions

Competitions run every Sunday throughout the summer months. All members (male or female) with a handicap can enter the competitions. If you haven't yet got a handicap you can find details on how you can get a handicap on the 'Handicap information' page.

Booking competitions

Tee times for competitions are booked through the BRS system and can be booked 14 days in advance.

Competition entry closes at 8pm on the evening before the competition.

Tee times between 7:50 and 9:30 are reserved for competition entrants. Competitors are NOT restricted to playing only during these times and can play at any time of day - note that tee times still need to be booked online.

If you book outside of the 7:50 - 9:30 times please confirm your intention to enter the competition by emailing or contacting Craig directly.

  • Competition scorecards will be available to collect from under the lean-to, next to the putting green.
  • ONLY collect the scorecard for the player you are marking for!
  • Scorecards are not required to be signed by the player (temporary local rule)
  • Submit completed scorecards through the letter box in the clubhouse door after completion of your round
  • All competitions will be played off the White tees (Men) and Red tees (Ladies)
Bunkers (temporary local rule)
  • Preferred lies are permitted in all bunkers
  • The ball can be marked, lifted and placed within 6 inches of it's original position, not closer the hole
  • The sand must not be smoothed prior to replacing
Flag poles and cups (temporary local rule)
  • The flag pole must remain in the hole at all times
  • The ball is considered holed if any part of the ball is below the surface of the putting green, even if not lodged against the flagstick
and Score Entry

It is now possible to sign-in to the competition and enter your scores through How Did I Do - either through the mobile app, or through the How Did I Do website. The video below shows the process on the mobile app, although the same principles apply when using the website.

Note that you are still required to post your complete carded through the letter box in the clubhouse for verification. We suggest that if you want to submit your scores for the competition when you get home that you either take a photograph of your card (or marker's column) or make a duplicate card.

    • Results will be processed on Sunday evenings
    • Results will be published to the How Did I Do website and app.
    Entry fees
    • Entry fees are £4 per competition
    • Entry fees will be requested retrospectively at the end of each month via an online payment