All members of the golf club can obtain a handicap and the process is very straightforward. If you have never held a handicap before you can submit three 18 hole scorecards which will be used to calculate your handicap.

All scorecards need to be marked and signed by a member of the club who holds a handicap.

Please email completed cards to admin@sedberghgolfclub.com

Supplementary Scores

Supplementary scores provide players with an alternative way to make up for the lack of information from competitions.

These scores provide evidence of playing ability for many players and make golf under handicap conditions more meaningful.

It’s simple to submit a supplementary score:

  • Before you go out to play indicate your intention to return a score – sign in via the How Did I Do website or app, or email admin@sedberghgolfclub.com
  • Make sure your card is marked by an appropriate person - a member with an active handicap
  • After the round return the score – whatever it is – for it to be added to your handicap record.
How to submit supplmentary scores through How Did I Do (HDID)
1) Sign-in to How Did I Do and select 'Today's Golf'
2) Select 'Sign In'
3) 'Sign In' on the Supplementary Score Box
4) Select the course option, choose either strokeplay or stabeford, and qualifying or non-qualifying and hit Sign-In
5) Navigate back to the Today's Golf Page and select 'Score Entry'
6) Select 'Enter Scores' from the Supplementary Score box
7) Confirm your handicap
8) Enter your scores. Use the + and - buttons to enter your GROSS score on each hole. Navigate to the next hole by clicking the next hole number, eg. Hole 2
9) Confirm and submit your supplementary score.