Preparing for golf's return

May 21, 2020
We're optimistically awaiting news that the lockdown restrictions may be eased for golf courses soon and that will mean that we're able to welcome our members back to the course again!

We're preparing for golf's return

We're optimistically awaiting news that the lockdown restrictions may be eased for golf courses soon and that will mean that we're able to welcome our members back to the course again! However, we are keen to point out that despite speculation in the media, we do not yet have a date when we will be able to open the course.

Changes when we do return

Before lockdown we put a number of measures in place that we hoped would enable us to stay open. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, but it does mean that we're in good stead when we are allowed to open the golf course again. As yet, it's unclear if there will be any extra measures to be introduced (we suspect there could be) and we will follow guidance from both the government and England Golf when we get the green light. ALL members will be expected to comply with our guidelines.

Here's a reminder of the measures that we have implemented: 

  • All golf must be booked in advance: Casual roll-ups will not be permitted. Tee times can be booked either through the BRS booking system or app (see instructions here) or by emailing
  • Hole-cup modification: We have modified the flags on the course to effectively introduce shallow hole-cups and make it easier to get your ball from the hole.
  • Minimum Distance of 2m: On the course, golfers should try to maintain a minimum distance of two metres between themselves and playing partners. Take care to adhere to this on teeing grounds and greens
  • No handshaking: Please do not shake hands with your playing partners before, during or after your game.
  • Bunkers now Ground Under Repair (GUR): We have removed all bunker rakes and as a direct result all bunkers are now classed as GUR.
  • All ball scoops, benches and ball washers have been removed: We appreciate that this is inconvenient, but we think the removal of these items is necessary.
  • Hire of equipment: We will not hire clubs, electric trolleys or pull trolleys until further notice. Buggies will only be permitted if they are absolutely necessary!
  • Putt with the flag in: We request that all golfers putt with the flag in, regardless of the distance. The flag pole is one item where the virus could be transmitted so please avoid all unnecessary contact.
  • Competitive play; marking scorecards: We are introducing a temporary rule to cover the marking of scorecards. A signature from the player will not be required (the marker’s signature will be sufficient). You should NOT swap scorecards at the beginning or end of your round. Instead the marker should take full
    responsibility for the player’s card.
  • Competitive play; submitting scorecards: Scorecards must be submitted digitally. You will need to take an image of the scorecard and send this via whatsapp or by email. This must be done by 8pm on the day of the competition otherwise the score will not be accepted.
  • Competitive play; competition entry fees: We are no longer accepting competition entry fees by cash. Mens
    competition entries will be collected at the end of each month by card payment or Direct Debit.

Possible additional changes

We anticipate that we will need to increase the spacing between tee times and possibly restrict the number of golfers in each group to 3 or possibly even 2. Once we have a clear indication we will update all daily tee time sheets and confirm the changes.

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