FLEXI Membership £ 275

Flexible, affordable, golf club membership

FLEXI membership is a credits based system that is ideal for those who can't play as often as they might like. It equates to 13 rounds of 18 holes (or 18 rounds of 9).

How does it work?

It’s a credits based membership, you start with 36 credits. Credits are deducted each time you play, 3 points for 18 holes & 2 points for 9 holes, that’s equivalent to 12 full rounds - a saving of £100 against paying for green fees, plus you get the additional membership benefits.

Are there any restrictions?

No. There's absolutely no playing restrictions. You can play at any time on any day, providing there is tee time availability.

Can I play in competitions?

Absolutely, in fact we encourage it. You'll need to pay the competition entry fee (as do all competitors) the round itself will be deducted from your credits as normal.

What's the catch?

No catch, just affordable golf.

Why join Sedbergh?

You'll be joining one of the most friendly and welcoming golf clubs that you can find. You can play from dawn to dusk on any day without restriction and thanks to the excellent drainage the course is seldom closed. If you're looking to play all year round then you'll no doubt appreciate that we never use winter greens.

In addition to this, you'll also receive the following benefits:

  • 10% off in the bar and restaurant
  • Free golf insurance
  • Option to enter ALL club competitions
  • Obtain and maintain a handicap
  • Cumbria County Card - 1/2 price green in Cumbria and discounts in many other English counties
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