April 20, 2024

Changes to the WHS for 2024

There have been a number of changes to the WHS in England this year. The most important changes impact how handicaps are calculated.

Change to Course Handicap calculation

Course handicaps now factor in the course rating of the course being played.

This means that the existing boards are now not accurate. Replacements have been ordered and we hope these will be available soon. Note that the boards will only show the correct handicap when playing casual rounds. Handicaps for competition rounds will need to be calculated online (see the next point)

Change to method to calculate percentages of handicaps

As of April 2024, for competition purposes, the calculated and unrounded Course Handicap™ will be carried through to the Playing Handicap calculation using machine precision.

This means that for members competitions we need to calculate an exact course handicap before applying the % handicap allowance to calculate a Playing Handicap for a competition and as a result we will no longer be able to show the different playing handicap percentages on the boards.

To do this we have created a handicap calculator for the club and added it to the website. See the following link.


This allows you to calculate your playing handicap for the competition by;

  1. Selecting the tees you will play from
  2. Selecting how many holes you are playing
  3. Entering your exact handicap

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